Top 4 Games in This Week

BitLife – Life Simulator Game Online Play For Free

Welcome to BitLife – it is an unusual Life Simulator where you will have to become a certain character and live his whole life. You yourself create your hero and then enter a virtual world for the most thrilling adventure ever. It is a perfect chance to create an ideal life in a shortened version on the screen of your smartphone. You can mold whatever you want from your personage – will you become a strong person with a good reputation? Check it yourself – grow up, start a family, build a career and do everything to live your life decently.

Make correct choices

This project will constantly force you to make some choices. You will play for your personage and will make all decisions for him. Actually, you can do everything you want – nobody will stop you no matter what you are about to do. One player will decide to become a good citizen, marry a woman or man, have children, get a good job and build a family house. But the other will decide to enjoy his life in a different way and will choose to be in constant risk. He will become a criminal and reach the very bottom of the social ladder. The gameplay here reminds of a continuous quiz where your actions directly influence the future events in your virtual existence. And of course, it will depend fully on your choices whether you will be able to reach old age successfully and end it in the circle of friends and loving relatives or remain completely alone, in poor health and with lots of debts. The outcome may be really surprising if you take the task too carelessly.

How to play

You will not see some stunning graphics and special effects in this online entertainment. All controls are very simple. The main things to continuously decide what is the best solution from the offered options. The game starts from the hero’s birth, and from this moment, you will have to guide him through the most important stages – the first years of life, school period, employment and mature age and old years. You will see the “Age” button on the screen. Every time you click on it, your character will become a year older. You will also see three bars on the bottom of the screen – these will show the level of your happiness, health and smartness. Make sure to get involved in as many activities as it is possible to keep these parameters high enough. At the same time, the game will compromise you with different life situations where you will be offered several solutions. You need to choose the one which you find the most appropriate in this case. As your character grows, the situations become more serious, and it will be more difficult to make the right decision. So check your instincts and see whether your priorities can have a positive outcome. You can always start everything anew if you are not happy with the result.

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