Dr. Panda School

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Famous Dr.Panda opened his private school. And now you have a perfect chance to attend it! The good news is that you can become anyone you want here. If you are looking for new knowledge – get behind the desk and study. If you want to share your experience with others – become a teacher. You can try on many other roles in this exciting project – work as a cook or cleaner or a true scientist! You need to explore location and look for new interesting things as well as interact with other players around. You will have to visit different classes where you can join all sorts of activities – enjoy some art lessons or take care of the school pets. And do not forget to attend lessons! In this lovely game, you can select a character you want to play for and choose an outfit and accessories you like. Once you do it, start completing the task you will see on the screen. One of the missions is to spot a whole list of objects hidden around. It is going to be a very engaging process!

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