Fox Family Simulator

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Games with animals are always enjoyable, especially if you can play for one of them. In this online entertainment, you will turn into a fox. Your character lives in the picturesque forest, and lots of thrilling adventures are waiting for him here. You will have to do everything an average fox does – hunt for food, build a family and grow children. Explore the location around and find a lot of things that may help you survive. You will need to complete a lot of interesting tasks that will bring you bonuses and allow to upgrade your hero. And of course, you need to be as treacherous and cunning as a real wild fox. You will discover a farm in the neighborhood, and you will be able to steal hens from there if you are dexterous enough. You will have a unique opportunity to customize your character – there are many nice skins available for this purpose. So start this unusual adventure to see what it’s like to be a real fox. Both children and adults will enjoy this entertainment.

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