Baby Adopter

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Little children are sweet and adorable creatures. And also completely helpless. They cannot take care of themselves, they need someone who will provide them with protection, safety and comfort. Playing Baby Adopter, you will take on the role of a nanny who is entrusted with the care of a charming baby. You have to accept numerous responsibilities for attending to the baby and diligently fulfill them so that the child grows up healthy and happy.

In the game menu you will find all the necessary options for actions that you can perform with your child. Follow his mood and you will understand what he needs at this particular moment. Perhaps he is hungry? Go to the kitchen and heat up a bottle of milk for lunch. Or does he need to change his diaper? There is nothing easier – just take the baby, carry him to the bathroom, put him in warm water and wash until he is completely clean. To keep the child from getting bored, you need to play with him, come up to his bed and hold him in your arms if he is sad or scared and comfort him when he cries. And when he gets tired, it’s time to put him to bed. You can also choose different colorful outfits for your child that will make him look even cuter. Enjoy the gameplay!

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