Wolf Simulator 3D

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Welcome to a picturesque forest life simulator where you will turn into a brave wolf. Your mission is to grow a strong wolf, and gather your own strong pack in order to act together in the most difficult situations. In this role, you will have to act fast and fearlessly, be dexterous and extremely careful. Life of this character is not easy as he needs to constantly fight for food for is family. Luckily, there is a large farm nearby and you can sneak into it to get something to eat. But you will always risk your life. You will be attacked by wild animals, which means that it is worth pumping your hero to the fullest to confront all these dangers with ease. Start completing different quests to unlock additional features and level up. Do not allow anyone to interfere in your life. Every trial will make your stronger and more agile. Make sure you do everything to protect your wolf’s family! The game is very realistically designed, every player will fully immerse into the wild animal’s life.

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