Deer Simulator Animal Family 3D

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One of the things we love about online games is that they allow us to try new things, to become something we can’t be in real life. And we are not even talking about special agents and legendary fighters, not about skillful handling of weapons or the ability to fly a plane. All this can be learned if you set such a goal after all. But you are unlikely to succeed in becoming a deer, that’s for sure! Unless you play Deer Simulator Animal Family 3D!

In this vibrant and addictive game, you’ll have to explore a huge and exciting world as a deer that looks and behaves just like a real one. At the very beginning, you can choose your character’s appearance, skin color and body structure, even the size of the horns. Now you’re ready to go out into the wild! The life of a deer is not at all as carefree as it seems. Surviving in the wild is not easy. You will have to be constantly on the alert, because there are a lot of wild animals and hunters around. And even when you peacefully graze on the lawn or drink from a forest stream, you need to keep your ears sharp. And the most interesting thing in this game is that you can find a mate, start a family and even have cute little deer babies! Start playing right now and get a taste of the exciting deer life!

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