Little players will be happy to get their own virtual pet that does not look like a traditional cat or dog. This time, it is some alien creature that reminds of a potato by its shape. Once you get such a friend, be ready to devote enough time to him. The gameplay is very similar to the popular entertainment with Tamagotchi. Your main task is to grow a funny pet. The process does not require you to solve logic puzzles or continuous action. All you need to do is to care of the main character and provide him with everything he needs to grow and develop. You need to feed Pou, play with him to make him happy, wash him and control his health. Overall, you need to give him as much attention as he needs. You can even talk with Pou! And do not forget that this lovely creature loved tasty food and stylish outfits. But at the same time, control his portion as he easily gains weight. Play various mini-games, earn coins and unlock new features in this engaging entertainment.

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