Baby Taylor Goes Sick

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In this enjoyable game, you will play with a little girl who has caught a cold. Her name is Taylor and she needs to stay in bed until she is better. She did not listen to her mom and did not dress well when it was really cold outside. Now, the heroine has very high temperature, and her mother invites a doctor to prescribe some medicines for her. The doctor immediately arrives to give the kid a medical check. He confirms that the child has caught a cold and needs to take some home treatment. But this little patient is really bored because she cannot continue her usual activities. So, your main task is to cheer up your new virtual friend and help her get better. What will you have to do? Help her measure the temperature, give her pills, give her some water. If Taylor complains about bitter taste of medicines, give her a candy to make her feel better. Once the girl feels fine, open her wardrobe to select the best clothes for her and take her to school. Have a great time with Taylor!

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