Pandemic Simulator

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Welcome to a cool simulator that will allow you to play a very unusual role. Here, you can become a virus, bacterium or parasite. You can guess your mission now – you need to infect as many people as possible and make the disease spread around the globe. You need to do if before scientists invent vaccine. You will have to activate all possible channels to make things move faster. In other words, you need to organize a perfect pandemic that will delete the humanity. You will need to constantly upgrade your powers. If you manage your task well, you can speed up its transmission and reduce resistance. You will be able to see the status on the separate screen – it will inform you what countries are infected, how many people were hospitalized and how many died. Will you be faster than researches and scientists? When the work on vaccine is started – you will receive an alert. You should constantly monitor the progress of its progress and unlock new upgrades to slow it down.

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