BitLife – Life Simulator

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Test this thrilling simulator of life that covers the time period from the birth to the death of the hero. It will be you who decide what type of person your character will become. Here the player will lead the life of his ward from the moment he is born. You will need to guide him through all the stages of growing up, studying at school and obtaining a profession, finding friends, building a family and other important life processes. But it does not mean that all these events will happen automatically. You will have to make lots of decisions as you play. There are multiple scenarios here, and only you will decide whether your character will progress or regress as you move on. You will have to go through lots of activities every year of his life. Of course, you can ignore them as well, but these results will be immediately reflected on the bars that display the level of happiness, health and smartness. The higher these parameters are, the more successful person your hero is. But if you really want him to reach the top of the social ladder, it will involve a lot of work. You need to study well, have good relations with your parents, make a lot of friends, care for your pets and much more. Some players find this approach too boring and choose a faster path, without realizing that it will lead their hero to bad things. Soon, he may even risk embarking on a crooked path of crime and deceit. But of course, every player is given full freedom of action. It is up to you what solution you will choose in this or that life situation. Some of them are tricky enough, so you will need enough wisdom to predict what consequences your selection may have in the future. Every time you make a choice, it instantly influences the further plot. So think well before you move to another city or quit your job. You will also need to interact with your family and friends. If you ignore them for two long – you may end up your life being really lonely and abandoned. Same refers to your health – without regular medical checkups, you will have lots of disease and even die prematurely. So you see now that this game is not as simple as it seems. You will need to take responsibility for your single action. Sometimes, it will be a real struggle. But this is only virtual entertainment and you can correct all your mistakes with ease! Start it now to see how cloudless a life can be if you live it decently!

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