Swarm Simulator: Evolution

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In this game, you will dive into a very amazing adventure. You will start with just a few larvae and need to turn these into a powerful swarm of bugs and conquer everything around. But how to create such an almighty colony of insects? You will have to go through a long process of evolution to achieve it. First of all, you need to activate your first resource – larvae- and wait until your larvae hatch units. Another important resource is meet. You will need enough supply of it to grow current units and multiply them. One more important game element is territory that is also used for military unit production. You will need to balance out all of them and get as huge army as possible. There are special boosters in this entertainment – elixirs that add you more powers and speed up things for you. The gameplay is very engaging – you will go through amazing evolution. So embark on this adventure right now to build the largest swarm possible and capture the planet.

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