Daily Baby Care

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Do you like babies? If yes, what about transforming into a babysitter for some time in this game? There are three lovely babies whose parents are desperately looking for someone to take care of them while they at work. They will hire you for this job. Now you need to spend time in the company of adorable kids. Just look at these cheerful faces – you will immediately understand how much fun is awaiting you! You must feed them with tasty food, bathe them, wash their hands, take them to the playground or just for a walk. The controls are very simple – touch the screen or use the mouse. You will need to follow a special schedule needed for small children. They are very active, but at the same time, they need enough sleep and food. So keep an eye on each of them and put them to bed when they look tired. And watch to give them milk in time. Overall, the game is very engaging, and you will not be bored! So start this adventure and have great time with adorable babies!

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