Dog Simulator 3D

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When we look at dogs, it seems to us that they just run aimlessly down the street, barking at by-passers and sniffing everything around just to kill time. But in fact, dogs have their own, interesting and eventful life. Day after day they have a lot of worries and pressing concerns. First, you need to patrol the territory, carefully read each new scent that appeared on the poles and trees. Then check if the bones buried in the backyard the day before are still in place. And can you really go a day without chasing that nasty neighbor’s cat? You can indulge in all these extremely important and exciting things playing Dog Simulator 3D!

Here you can learn from your own experience what it’s like to be a dog. Every day you will have to complete various tasks to earn points. The more you accomplish the bigger your score will be. These points can be spent on purchasing various useful upgrades, as well as changing your appearance. In addition, there are other dogs in the game that you can get into relationships with. Will you prefer to be friends with a shepherd dog living behind that fence or grapple with him in a fierce fight? Perhaps you will find a cute dog lady who will agree to become the mother of your puppies? Play and find out!

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