BitLife – Life Simulator 2

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Are you looking for some unusual online entertainment? Then it is advisable to test interactive BetLife – Life Simulator 2. You may be puzzled at first about how to play it. But the process is very easy – you just need to select a character and live his virtual life. How would you live if you could write a scenario in advance? Will you manage to make all the right choices and reach an ideal life level someday before you die? You could find a soulmate and build a family, have kids, and get a good education along the way. Or will you start an activity that will shock your parents? You can plunge into a life of crime and even end up in a prison one day. It is only you who choose your story. It will start from the moment your hero is just born. And now you need to skillfully guide him through every year of his life. You can force your character to grow by pressing the button with a plus symbol. But if you skip some vital stages and ignore important activities, you will not progress much. Every age is important – you will need to regularly go through medical checks, interact with your parents and build good relations with them, make friends, and study. All positive actions will contribute to the wellbeing of your character. You will see the level of his smartness, health and happiness on special bars at the bottom of the screen. If you do too many wrong things, the parameters will start to reduce. It is time to stop and rethink your attitude to life. Maybe you do not devote enough attention to your parents and family? Possibly, you do not work hard enough? Maybe it is time to change your job and move to another city? Analyze your life and do whatever possible to correct your previous mistakes and improve everything. It is never late to behave decently. Alternatively, this game will easily demonstrate to you what can happen to a person if he does not take responsibility for his actions. It is a proven way to nothing – you can end up lonely and ill with literally no one around. This great simulator will allow you to experiment with different life models until you find the one which is optimal for you. It is always a challenge to start a new life as it is almost impossible to predict the outcome. But if you are determined to live long and happily and make choices wisely – everything will be perfect! So start this amazing entertainment and enjoy it to the fullest!

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