Panda Simulator 3D

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Have you ever wondered how pandas live? In this game, you will turn into this lovely animal and try to survive in the forest. First of all, you should find other companions to help each other with various errands. Then it is time to select that special panda among this pack and build a family. Now it is time to have children. Every player can have up to four of them. You will need to grow them and feed with bamboo. Soon, your children will grow and will start to get food on their own. But do not forget that you live in dangerous environment packed with other wild animals and treacherous traps. You will adore exciting adventures of the panda family. Every day, you will receive several tasks to complete. Make sure not to miss any of them as these will bring you helpful points. Explore this fantastic world of wild nature – you will find a lot of interesting things about animal’s life and survival. The game will be especially interesting for children.

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