Hyper Life

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Life is a mysterious thing. When we first come into this world, it seems to us that we have all the time ahead of us. We don’t give much thought to the decisions we make, the actions we take. We’re wasting our time on trivial things, because we’re still so young and will probably have a chance to make up for it later… But as we grow up, it becomes clear to us that life is not endless. So many years have passed, and every day we are getting older. Some lost opportunities cannot be regained. And you need to be very careful with each new choice if you want to get the most of the time you still have left.

Such thoughts will spin in your head all the way through this fascinating game where you have to create your virtual copy and start your life anew. You will begin your journey as a baby. Together with your character, you will grow and evolve, helping him (or her) decide what traits of character to develop and what to do next. Each decision will affect your future destiny, so approach it responsibly! What will your virtual life be like? Will it be calm or happy or filled with difficulties and tough periods? And will you be able to overcome them in the end? Everything depends only on you!

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