Kitty Paradise

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Would you like to be a cat? They have a great life! If you are lucky enough to be taken home, you will enjoy a soft bed, delicious food and warm hugs. You will be loved, cared for and cherished, and even if you break some flower pot or scratch someone’s favorite chair, you will be scolded just a little and then everything will be forgotten. And even street cats fair quite well. They know exactly where to search for the remnants of the neighbor’s dinner, enjoy their freedom and walk wherever they want. In any case, trying what it’s like to be a cat is incredibly interesting! And you can do it in this game!

You will start your journey as a kitten. As usual in such games, you can choose the gender and appearance of your character. Will it be a fluffy white angel or a little black bandit? You will decide. Then you will find yourself in a location where everything is still unknown to you. You have to explore this new world and see what you can do here. In the game journal, the first tasks have already been prepared for you, for the completion of which you will receive a reward. Look for the items you need for the next achievement, find entertainments in different parts of the map and feel all the delights of a cat’s life on your own skin!

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