Run Of Life 3D

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Look at this charming girl. This is the heroine of a new game in which you have to go through many levels demonstrating excellent reaction and dexterity of your fingers. She stands at the starting line, ready to run as soon as the signal sounds. And it’s not just racing down the road aimlessly, as in hundreds of other games. Overcoming the distance, she will gradually grow up and, having started out as a small child, will eventually turn first into an adult woman, and then into a gray-haired lady! However, you have to be careful not to let it happen too soon. After all, if your heroine dies, the level will be lost and you will have to go through it again.

Therefore, choose your route carefully, avoiding clocks that can age you ahead of time and skulls that will kill you on the spot. By collecting various pills and creams, you can maintain youth as long as you need. And having reached several walls with clocks on them and choosing the right gate, you can roll back a whole stage along the age scale. Ahead of you there are a lot of levels that will become more and more difficult. You will have to be very agile to go around all the traps placed on your way. Complete this exciting game with together with the girl and stay forever young!

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