Life: The Game

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Have you ever wished you had a second chance in life? Now it’s possible playing Life The Game! Here you have to control the character starting from his very childhood and up to the moment when he becomes an old man. Each stage of his virtual life will be accompanied by unique situations in which you have to make one choice or another. And this choice will determined the direction where your future is going to turn. Everything is just like on our side of the screen!

It will be very interesting to watch your character grow up. And even more so – to directly participate in this fascinating process! After all, it will depend on you how his life will evolve at every further moment. Therefore, keep a steady pace and don’t rush to make a choice, weigh all the pros and cons before jumping into anything. Think about how this will affect the future of your character. Each of your actions can lead to completely unpredictable consequences – some of them great, some of them not so much. That is why the game has as many as 15 endings! Do you want to discover them all? Then start playing right now and make different decisions every time to go through all the possible story lines!

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