Hatch Your Unicorn Idol

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If you love to play with mysterious characters, you will adore this game. You will interact with unicorns! And these lovely animals are even more lovely and unusual than you can imagine. The thing is that these pets are hatched from star-shaped eggs! It is unbelievable! Small unicorns are very helpless and vulnerable, and each of them needs thorough care. And very soon, you will see that this task is not so simple. First of all, you will see a big egg on the screen. Click on it and your virtual friend will be hatched. You should look after the pony baby from the moment it is born. Now, you need to bathe it and wipe it dry. Then it’s time to feed the baby and put it to bed. These magic unicorns eat only ramen! When it wakes up, you need to play with your new friend. Your pet will grow very soon. And when you have several big animals, you can mix them and get more babies. Play mini-games to earn coins which you can spend on new eggs and other things. The process is really adorable!

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