My Country Life

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Are you ready to leave the noisy city and start a new, calm and measured life in the countryside, filled with fresh air and physical labor? If yes, welcome to this game! You have a long way to go from a newcomer to an experienced farmer who owns a large household. At first, you will have only a few beds with tomatoes. This will allow you to make your first capital if you approach your new job with prudence and zest.

Water the plants in time and harvest them in baskets when the tomatoes are ripe. In the task log, you will find the number of baskets that you need to fill today. After completing all the assignments, you can sell the goods and get money. As soon as you get the first income, you can spend it on expanding your land lot and buying new seeds, of more expensive and rare plants. Gradually, you will expand your garden and be able to grow a whole variety of vegetables and fruits that will surely please your customers. But that’s not all! Once you have enough money, you can also get chickens that will lay eggs and a cow that will give milk. All this can be put into circulation to increase your fortune. In a little while, you won’t recognize your own farm! Good luck!

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