Run Life Simulator

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Have you ever thought about what our life resembles the most? After all, if you look closely, it’s just like running through an obstacle course. At first the road is flat and smooth, and we move at ease, relaxed and not particularly paying attention to what is under our feet. Then – bang! – we run into a stone and lose solid ground. At such moments, it is important to maintain balance and keep yourself from fall. And if that happened so unexpectedly that you fell, then you need to gather all your strength, get up and run further. Just be careful from now on!

This metaphor is best seen in the game Run Life. Here you will play the role of a little girl who is just starting her journey in this world. As she runs through symbolic levels, overcoming obstacles and dodging traps, she will grow older and older. First you will see how she turns into a teenager, then into a young girl. And then into an adult woman. And it depends only on you how far she will go on this journey and how it will end! Pass level after level, collect power-ups to cope with any difficulties easier, pick up bonuses to maximize your score, and help the main character live her life in the best possible way!

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